$27,000 in Grant Funding Awarded for 2017-18¬†Year 
Friday, May 26, 2017 at 09:11AM
PSS Foundation

A multi-sensory outdoor classroom, manipulatives that bring math concepts to life, interactive learning software, and a collaborative STEAM experience to build a functioning hovercraft are among nine projects on tap for Pine Street School next year, thanks to a $27,000 investment in teacher grants from the Pine Street School Foundation (PSSF). The grant awards were announced at a year-end reception honoring all Pine Street teachers on Thursday, May 25, 2017. They bring the Foundation’s total grant awards to $223,000 since its inception in 2009.

“We are impressed by the thoughtful creativity put forth by every teacher who submitted a grant proposal,” said Ashley Reynolds, chair of the PSSF board. “Gifts from 176 donors enabled us to fund the selected projects, and we thank them for the incredible impact their gifts will make across all grade levels.”

Funded projects include:

Principal Anne Chapman Jeter thanked the PSSF for its ongoing support: "Projects like these are not only beneficial to the students, but also represent the collaboration between the school and the Foundation. We appreciate parents, grandparents, and other friends who contribute in such wonderful ways so that the PSSF may fund a variety of creative, innovative and stimulating experiences for our students. All of these experiences serve to strengthen our school program and remind us that Pine Street School is indeed a Fine, Fine School." 

The two largest-scale projects provide exciting bookends to the Pine Street experience by impacting all kindergarten and fifth grade students.

The kindergarten patio area, which is adjacent to the amphitheater, will be transformed into an outdoor learning space where children can:

Teachers will incorporate the new classroom into their daily instruction, working collaboratively to develop instructional strategies and assessment practices.

“The kindergarten teachers collectively submitted this grant proposal, and the Foundation board was motivated by their vision to build upon the recent playground renovation by incorporating learning-based play that is essential to cognitive development,” said Reynolds. “Our kindergarten teachers designed this space to create opportunities for students to investigate, problem-solve, think, rethink, and refine their notions and understanding of how the world works. It will not only benefit all Pine Street kindergarteners, but also other students and families who visit the playground.”

Additionally, the entire fifth grade will participate in a collaborative STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) experience in which they will work in teams to create, design and build a fleet of functioning hovercrafts. Considered an in-school field trip, The Hovercraft Project takes one full day to complete. Each student team is composed of a team leader who is responsible for managing his or her team members, each of whom have been assigned their own unique roles for the building process. The teams will work together to solve problems, analyze data, and communicate as they build. Then, students will take turns riding in their hovercrafts to enjoy their work. 

The Hovercraft Project is a nonprofit initiative founded and facilitated by former fifth grade science and math teacher Mathew Chase of Chase Education Consulting. He travels to facilitate the project for approximately 20 schools per year nationwide.

“The Foundation is thrilled to provide our fifth graders with this high-impact experience to help them develop skills of teamwork, leadership, applied math, applied science, sociology and group dynamics,” said Reynolds. “These building blocks will serve them well as they transition to middle school the following year.”

Each spring, the Pine Street School Foundation campaigns for funds and awards them for projects that will be implemented the following school year, creating an immediate and direct impact with its resources. The grant application process is open to Pine Street School faculty and staff, and includes a proposal submission and an interview with the Foundation’s grants committee. With the goal of enhancing the overall educational experience at Pine Street School, the Foundation has awarded $223,000 in grants since its inception in 2009. 

Support from friends and family of Pine Street students, and from those in the community beyond, enables the Foundation’s impact. Please join our effort by making your gift today.



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