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The Pine Street School Foundation
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Spartanburg, SC 29304

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Quick Facts

Founded: 2009

Tax Status: 501c3

Total Grants Awarded: $253,000

Grant Cycle:
Applications are due in April. Awards are announced in late May for implementation in the following academic year. Read more about our grant process.


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Ways to Give

If you would like to make a gift to support the Pine Street School foundation, there are several ways you can contribute. 

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For quick and easy giving through our secure PayPal account, click the "Donate" button on the right side of the screen. If you prefer to pay by check, please make payable to Pine Street School Foundation and mail to:

The Pine Street School Foundation
PO Box 7213
Spartanburg, SC 29304

Gifts of Securities

 The Foundation aslo can accept gifts of securities.

Free DeliverDTC Number: 226
Fidelity Investments
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Pine Street School Foundation
Account Number:  637-372340

Please notify Carolyn West or Bert Barre at Colonial Trust Company of incoming contributions as the Patriot Act does not allow Fidelity to access donor’s information.

Colonial Trust Company

Our Donors

The Pine Street School Foundation wishes to thank the following individuals and corporations for their generous support:

2017-2018 Donors

  • Will and Samantha Adair
  • Gene and Brenda Adams
  • Martin and Kirsten Aigner
  • Carolyn Alexander
  • AT and Elizabeth Allen
  • *Bert and Katherine Barre
  • Wally and Carol Barre
  • Patty Barron
  • Bret and Shannon Barron
  • Jay and Ann Bearden
  • Jay and Ali Beeson
  • David and Louisa Berry
  • Jason and Leah Blanton
  • Louie and Margaret Blanton
  • Margaret Brantley
  • Lance and Blair Brown
  • Steve and Betty Burke
  • Carolina Smiles
  • Jeff and Molly Cashman
  • *David and Anne Cecil
  • Bill and Kelly Cheek
  • Doris Cheek
  • Harry and Meg Clayton
  • Warren and Susan Clayton
  • Jeff and Mary Ann Cleland
  • Charles and Blair Clementson
  • Polly Ann Cleveland
  • Grant and Mary Grace Close
  • Carole B. Coker
  • Greg and Molly Colbath
  • David and Marion Colburn
  • Mark and Carrie Coleman
  • Comfort Keepers
  • T. Charles and Susan Conrad
  • Contec, Inc.
  • William and Shelba Cook
  • Gordon and Linda Cooper
  • Christopher and Erin Couchell
  • Dick and Ann Crenshaw
  • Ralph and Joni Crocker
  • Wade and Shelley Crow
  • Chris and Amy Curtis
  • Patrick and Brady Cutler
  • Buren and Anita Davis
  • Erin Davis
  • *Robert and Stacey Davis
  • Graham and Heather Dickerson
  • John and Alexandra Dickerson
  • Jeff and Ann Marie Edwards
  • Laura Edwards
  • Elliot Valuation & Consulting
  • Scott and Donna Eubanks
  • George Evans and Brandi Hardin
  • Malloy and Catharine Evans
  • Sloan and Mary Elizabeth Evans
  • John and Manning Fairey
  • John and Catherine Faris
  • Jim and Judy Farmer
  • Tom and Nancy Faulkenberry
  • Fox Sports Spartanburg 98.3FM
  • Jamie and Katherine Fulmer
  • Sidney and Lenna Fulmer
  • Tashma Glymph
  • Catherine Gray
  • Bryan and Amy Green
  • Clark and Reva Jane Grimsley
  • Clifford and Angela Halstead
  • Rob and Callie Hammett
  • James and Marian Hampton
  • Jay and Tiffany Hampton
  • Michael and Leigh Hanke
  • Troy and Cecilia Hanna
  • Sean and Amy Hargett
  • *Andy and Emma Harrill
  • John and Lou Ann Harrill
  • Kit and Anne Hill
  • Lane and Erin Hill
  • Melissa House
  • Brian and Dennis Hughes
  • Anne Chapman Jeter
  • Glen and Catherine Johnson
  • J. Roy and Janice Johnson
  • Richard and Carol Johnson
  • Wallace Johnson
  • Josh and Molly Jones
  • Roland and Charlene Jones
  • Frannie Jordan
  • Marshall and Katie Jordan
  • Trey and Neal Karn
  • Peggy Kelly
  • Sherry King-Eisenhower
  • Craig and Debbie Kocisko
  • Andy and Beth Lancaster
  • Avi and Nita Lawrence
  • Brenda Ledford
  • Geoff and Sam Lemonds
  • Daryl and Leeta Lister
  • Jack and Carole Lister
  • Little Construction, Inc.
  • Andrew and Allison Little
  • Lindsay and Francie Little
  • Frank and Sally Lopez
  • Brad and Lindsay Lowry
  • Judy Lowry
  • Al and Freda Lynch
  • Jason and Griffin Lynch
  • M&R Granite Co, Inc.
  • Hal & Melissa Martens
  • Frank and Julia Manello
  • Gaines H. Mason, Jr.
  • Dan and Kit Maultsby
  • Chris and Erica McCarthy
  • PJ and Jody McEnroe
  • Robert and Susan McEnroe
  • *Sean and Gretchen McEnroe
  • *Thomas McMeekin
  • Ashley and Ashley Millinor
  • Kyle and Carmen Milner
  • Kyle and Debbie Milner
  • Scott and MC Mitchell
  • King and Brooke Mueller
  • Raymond and Heather Mullman
  • Nease and Higginbotham Orthodontics
  • Neely’s Windows Doors & More
  • Scott and Betsy Claire Neely
  • Mark and Elizabeth Nelson
  • Neth and Candy Nettles
  • Marshall and Beth Orr
  • Bryan and Emily Pack
  • Michael and Alexa Pack
  • Stanley and Kaye Pack
  • Josh and Polly Padgett
  • Rebecca Pettingell
  • Joel and Sarah Petty
  • Diane Pickens
  • Allison Pingley
  • Marion and Jane Pittman
  • Mike and Suzanne Pryor
  • Dennis and Libby Regnier
  • Ryan and Ashley Reynolds
  • John Rogers
  • Marshall and Campbell Rogers
  • Matt and Lynze Roos
  • Trey and Paige Rousey
  • Michael and Allyson Sandago
  • Sonia Santana
  • Catherine Schmitz
  • Kevin and Christi Sloan
  • Smiley Orthodontic Association
  • Ann Smith
  • Matt and Amanda Smith
  • Spartanburg County Foundation
  • BG and Sandra Stephens
  • Bryan and Julie Stone
  • Chris and Jessalyn Story
  • Ed and Brenda Story
  • Thad and Elaine Strickland
  • Tim and Melissa Sullivan
  • Tim and Susan Sullivan
  • David and Meghann Swofford
  • Kent and Jenny Tidmore
  • Brian and Megan Tolbert
  • Arthur B. Tozzi
  • Noel and Erica Turner
  • Margery Turner
  • Rob and Amy Usry
  • Wendy Vinson
  • James and Keri Wagner
  • Angie Wallace
  • Thomas Walsh
  • Mark and Anne Ward
  • Minta Warren
  • David and Linda Whisnant
  • Charles and Amy Wilbanks
  • Charles and Annette Wilbanks
  • Mark and Andrea Wilcox
  • Matt and Anita Wilson
  • John and Seng Wilson
  • James and Sally Winfrey
  • Jennifer Wood
  • Toby and Virginia Wood
  • Auburn and Jane Woods
  • Luke and Juliet Wright
  • Bob and Carolyn Wynn
  • Prudence and Lee Wayne Youngblood
  • Margaret Zollo
  • * Founding PSSF Board Members